CBE Software has been a member of IRDG for many years.  From the word go being a member of IRDG instilled a culture of R&D in our company.  IRDG educated us as to the importance of on-going investment in R&D.  Our continuous investment in R&D and innovation has paid off for us. We now employ over 120 people and we are continuing to grow our market.  The various IRDG seminars and meetings over the years have been invaluable to us. Networking with people from other member companies helps us to learn about better processes for R&D and so on.  Updates from IRDG kept us abreast of all the assistance that Enterprise Ireland could give us and advised on the best way of accessing this assistance.  IRDG kept us up to date on tax changes and the positive or negative affect they might have on our company and how best to deal with these affects.  IRDG as a group has been the voice that puts forward the ideas that we have which might help Ireland be a better place for industry to do business.  I have no hesitation in recommending that companies that are serious about R&D should become members. 

Gerry Concannon – CEO, CBE Software

Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland has been a member of IRDG since 2011.  The broad array of membership of the group across all industry sectors has facilitated very good networking opportunities in areas such as Innovation, R&D Tax Credits and Intellectual Property.  We have also availed of educational opportunities attending a number of key seminars and Innovation Practice Groups which were both well organized and attended with expert speakers available to share their knowledge and experiences.  To improve our Management’s competencies in the area of Innovation, we brought in an external Innovation Speaker to address them – one of a long list of excellent recommendations from IRDG and the network of members.  IRDG are also an industry group with long established linkages to Government and Policy Makers which is important to Allergan and one of the real strengths we would see within the group.

Siobhan Camplisson – Director of Technical Operations, Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland

Being members of the IRDG Innovation Network provides the University of Limerick with a key link to the R&D and Innovation sector within Irish industry. The nationwide spread of members, along with the variety of business sectors involved, allows us to reach a wide and diverse audience which otherwise would be much more challenging. In April 2012, we were delighted to host the IRDG in our Nexus Innovation Centre for their seminar entitled “Innovation through Collaboration”. For this event, the IRDG brought a very significant presence from the industry community to the UL campus to mix with our research community. Participants learned about the R&D funding supports available, heard industry case studies of companies who had previously collaborated with either UL or LIT, and were able to experience first-hand some of the advanced research facilities and capabilities on offer when it comes to progressing their business. Having strong links industry is vital part of the research strategy at UL, and the IRDG is a vital Innovation Network to enable us to achieve this objective.

Paul Dillon – Director, Technology Transfer Office at University of Limerick

Bord na Móna Plc has a long R&D tradition of developing the best available technologies, products and services for our customers. We put innovation at the heart of everything we do, to defend our current business and extend our future opportunities. Our external participation includes engagement with the IRDG and being an active member of several years, we have found that the networking opportunities and visibility of other innovation process across different Sectors to be of great benefit. The participation of other professionals from our Innovation Management Team in the many seminars and workshops run by IRDG has also been very useful. In particular, learnings on R&D Tax Credit, coupled with IRDG acting as a single Industry voice with the Department of Finance has been invaluable. We look forward to continuing to support the IRDG as it grows and strengthens into the future.

Hugh HenryDirector of Innovation, Bord na Móna

At Celtrak, we have made a conscious decision to be as involved and active as possible within IRDG in order to get the greatest benefits. Doing so, has meant participating in some of their excellent seminars on R&D Tax Credits, Funds & Expertise for R&D and Intellectual Property. We were also delighted to get the opportunity to attend the Innovation Practice Group at Medtronic in Galway – seeing Innovation in action in a completely different business sector to ours was truly great and gave us lots of food for thought. The key benefits for Celtrak are in both the Networking and the Learning. Hearing the input of renowned expert speakers on key topics related to Innovation has been invaluable and meeting with like-minded people at the various events has been very interesting too. We very much look forward to the future within IRDG.

Declan McAndrew – CTO, Celtrak Ltd.