design thinking

Why Design Thinking?

A user-centred approach which delivers new ideas and solves problems and is adopted by many leading organisations to drive their creativity and innovation. 

Our 2018 Autumn programme of events kicks off with Design Thinking.  Working through the structured stages of Audit, Research, Reframe, Ideate, Validate and Execute you will see how a Design Thinking approach will really add to your innovation processes.  Here’s some key benefits:

  1. DT is an approach to solving problems that puts end users at the centre of the process, right from the outset.
  2. DT facilitates multidisciplinary teams and brings many voices to the table, to leverage the collective wisdom, experience and expertise.
  3. DT employs empathy so seeks to understand and identify with the needs and challenges of the people who are the users of a product, experience or system.
  4. DT allows you to have completely unexpected breakthroughs by creating several rapid prototypes and encouraging fast feedback from actual users and customers before spending too much time, effort or money on any one idea.
  5. DT isn’t just creativity and innovation for its own sake; it’s specifically directed at creating value and solving problems, by using design principles to solve problems, from small to large, in any industry.

Our 4-day Autumn programme, commences on 28th August and is relevant to all sectors.




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