The investment in Technology Centres is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland allowing Irish companies and multinationals to work together on research projects in collaboration with research institutions. Technology Centres are collaborative entities established and led by industry. They are resourced by highly-qualified researchers associated with research institutions who are empowered to undertake market focused strategic R&D for the benefit of industry.

The 9 existing industry-led research centres in the Technology Centres Programme are:

  • Biorefining and Bioenergy [http://www.ccbb.ie]
  • IT Innovation [http://ivi.nuim.ie/]
  • Applied Nanotechnology [http://www.ccan.ie]
  • Composite Materials [http://www.ul.ie/icomp/]
  • Microelectronics [http://www.mcci.ie]
  • Food for Health Ireland [http://www.fhi.ie]
  • Manufacturing Research [http://www.icmr.ie]
  • Energy Efficiency [http://www.i2e2.ie]
  • International Energy Research Centre [http://www.ierc.ie]

Three more are currently being established:

  • Learning Technologies
  • Financial Services
  • Cloud Computing

ELIGIBILITY: Any group of companies with common research interests that are active R&D performers or that have committed to increase their performance in R&D or that has a clear strategic plan to engage in R&D should consider becoming part of a Technology Centre.

FUNDING: The requirements of each Technology Centre will be different, but as a guide a successful centre would operate with State funding of the order of €1M per year over a five year period. Continued funding would depend upon a range of metrics such as increasing industry research funding, growing the numbers of companies involved, licences and the revenue from them and spin-offs, new products and processes leading to increased export sales.

Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland are responsible for establishing Technology Centres which are collaborative entities led by industry and focused on addressing technology threats and opportunities facing them in the medium term.