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MQT: Packing Chemical into Pellet Shape

“We have produced an industrial chemical which is in a solid wax form. The product is currently in a cylinder shape, each cylinder weighing approximately 450g. We would like to know if there are equipment or companies which could transform these wax cylinders into a pellet form (4-5mm). Ideally, we would like to package the pellets in a thermoplastic bag for end user convenience.”

We would be grateful for any information or referrals which could help to resolve the issue.

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MQT: Dry Fill Capability

“We currently import a cosmetic product from Asia which involves a long lead time from order to delivery and also a number of different SKUs. We see significant opportunity for this product in our various markets and are now in the process of designing and developing a more innovative packaging container come applicator for the product. We have sourced the bulk manufacturer of the material (which is in powder/micro fibre form) but would prefer to do the final pack off/fill

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Members Question Time – R&D Expertise

An IRDG member company seeks expertise in the R&D area to help them for adhoc days over a period.

Note: All responses should be sent in confidence to Mary Byrne at IRDG. These will then be collated and forward to the member company involved. IRDG has no role in the selection process and it will be up to the company involved to follow up as they wish.


A contract analysis and services laboratory serving the Medical Device and …

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MQT: Seeking Contract Engineering Co.

An IRDG member company, operating in the healthcare area, is seeking to engage with a contract engineering company that has plastics as a strong part of their offering.

Do you know of any companies who could meet this need?

IRDG reached out to all our member companies, and have collated the report here below from the suggestions and ideas put forward by the members.…

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