The Next Frontier of Innovation

Over the next decade, sustainability challenges will provide enormous opportunities for companies to drive innovation as they seek to re-invent products and services in line with stakeholder demands and climate limitations.

New constraints will demand a different approach to design, and will shape how key resources such as energy, carbon, water, raw materials and waste are used in products and processes.

“Already, some of the world’s biggest companies are actively transforming their supply chains to become “circular,” where they are redesigning systems that ‘close the loop’ so that waste is eliminated, and materials stay in circulation as long as possible. As we move towards a low carbon economy, business as usual will no longer be an option. Innovation is vital for a successful transition to a green economy and for those companies that move quickly enough, there are huge opportunities ahead.”

Ali Sheridan, Director, SustainabilityWorks Ireland

A Paradigm Shift

Research professionals are facing increasing pressure to develop innovative solutions that both urgently decarbonise their operations and successfully decouple future industrial growth from the consumption of diminishing natural resources. A paradigm shift is occurring as environmental risk is transferring into identifiable economic and financial risks.

IRDG is focused on working with members across all sectors of industry to develop the Sustainability agenda in Innovation. A sample of key topics which lie ahead will include

  • Renewable energy and carbon reduction advances
  • Circular Economy based product design and supply chain innovation
  • Waste stream transformation and by-product development
  • Increasing financial markets focus on sustainability performance

IRDG on Sustainability

We recognise the importance of incorporating sustainable actions in the conduct of our business. We are committed to continually improving our performance to reduce environmental impacts, whilst encouraging members and suppliers to do the same.

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