Site Mission, Vision and Strategy at Takeda

OUR CHALLENGE in Takeda: Seeking recommendations of people to support the development of a local site mission, vision and strategy

With such a diversity of strong providers out there in this space, we knew we could find people, but also knew that narrowing them down to a short-list would be a challenge.

We know the members in IRDG, and felt that if we put our question out via Members Question Time that we would be in direct contact with senior leaders in other organisations, both in our, and even more interestingly, in other sectors, who would have similar expectations to ourselves.

Our report had a number of really interesting suggestions, which also tied in nicely with other recommendations we had received. That opportunity to sense-check and benchmark the suggestions was great for us, and we have our first meeting to progress our project lined-up.

What we like most about MQT is as a shared experience, members know the context. People appreciate that they contribute where they can and do so openly and with a willingness to share. The quality of responses is fantastic, and when you have so many other pressing challenges, the benefit of being able to save some time by tapping into the experience of others and save reinventing the wheel is really valuable.

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