Smart Connected Devices with Flex

‘If you’re in the business of making things & you’re not making them smarter or connected you will go out of business……let me repeat that for you……things need to be smarter & connected – Disrupt or be Disrupted’ – Philip Moynagh, former VP of IoT Group (IOTG) at Intel

With significant expertise across industries and emerging technologies, Flex in Cork kindly agreed to host our first Technology Trends Series event.  On the day, Flex were also joined by Intel, VT Networks, Cisco, Tyndall and Nimbus.

Check out the video highlights.

The stellar line-up were as follows:

  • Ms. Caroline Dowling, President of Communications & Enterprise Compute at Flex
  • Dr. Juan Nogueira-Nine, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Wireless and Connectivity, Flex, Germany
  • Ray Burke, Program Manager for ICT for Health, Tyndall National Institute
  • Finian Rogers, IoT Ignition Lab, Intel Labs Europe
  • Brendan O’Brien, Cisco
  • Mark Bannon, VT Networks, SIGFOX
  • Dirk Pesch, Head of NIMBUS Research Centre, Cork Institute of Technology.

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