Munich RE Transitioning to Digital Services

OUR CHALLENGE: Transitioning from on-premise software model to a digital services company

We were inspired to put forward our own Members Question Time when we saw the report from the Knowledge Bank question a few weeks previously. We knew by the quality and nature of the responses that there had to be members in IRDG’s diverse network who were experiencing similar change to ourselves, and who we could learn from.

We had sought support from a number of quarters but IRDG’s help was the most fruitful by far. We received a report with relevant suggestions and impressive connections within a few days and have been delighted with the level of openness and sharing we have experienced since following it up.

The opportunity to talk through our challenge, hear how others have dealt with it and be reassured that our issues are not uncommon, has given us lots of food-for-thought and been of immense benefit to our team. We would highly recommend companies to use the MQT service, whilst also encouraging them to request copies of the reports to other questions which might be stimulating and informative.

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