Microsoft – The Innovation Experience

At Microsoft, their mission and values are to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.  The team kindly hosted a diverse group of IRDG members to hear about how Microsoft enables employees to deliver on this mission internally through their culture, technology and new ways of working in their new campus, ‘One Microsoft Place’.  See the video highlights below.

Overall this Innovation Experience at Microsoft presented an inspiring opportunity for our members. The topics covered on the day included the following:

  • Microsoft Ireland Overview
  • Their Digital Transformation Story - transformation of business processes & how they work with customers through product and service innovation
  • Smart Connected Devices covering IoT and HoloLens technology demo
  • The One Microsoft Place Experience & Tour – the story of their new smart building, how it embodies design thinking and how it facilitates innovation by weaving teams together
  • How Product Groups Innovate – how Microsoft teams develop products in a modern online world including elements like agile, sprint, scrum, feature prioritisation, design decisions, team communication etc.
  • Using Big Data to drive innovation – maximising the potential of Big Data to innovate and drive the business into the future
  • Digital Selling in a modern world – reaching new customer audiences and tailoring offerings to suit them

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