A Knowledge Bank for Mason Technology

OUR CHALLENGE at Mason Technology: Creating a Knowledge Bank to codify experiences & skills into one central depository

A possible risk was emerging in our business as we significantly increased our headcount over recent years. Like many companies, we have a lot of information in the heads of our people, built up over a long period of time. We recognised that the time had come to investigate a sustainable, engaging knowledge bank solution that would be beneficial to employees, customers and the business in the long run.

We’re not experts in the area of IT so our knowledge in this space was very limited. We opted to share the question with IRDG members in the expectation that other companies had already cracked this nut.

We were blown away by the volume and quantity of responses in the report presented to us. Quite honestly, never in a million years would we have found the solution we are now trialling and hoping to implement in 2019. The doors it opened up to companies far bigger than our family operation, and the willingness of people right across organisations to give their time and insights was so much appreciated.

It is my view that members should absolutely leverage the MQT service, and do so more often!

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