Irish Pressings Digital Transformation in Production

OUR CHALLENGE: Digital transformation of Irish Pressings’ production management processes

Irish Pressings’ Quality and Production Management processes are one of our core strengths in providing the highest level of quality assurance to our customers. Critical to these processes is our product-specific “black folders” which contain all relevant job information including H&S checks, tool-setup, operator instructions, QC inspections, etc.

However, manual creation and maintenance of these folders has become an ever increasing demand on resources and with the company on a significant growth trajectory – including recent approval as a Tier 1 supplier to Jaguar Land Rover – the imperative to undergo digital transformation in production and modernise our processes was upon us.

Our research into possible solutions for modernising continually led to “off-the-shelf” packages which we knew would not fit our unique production processes and so more in a last-ditch effort of hope than expectation we decided to try the MQT route.

Sceptical about whether we would receive any responses we were genuinely amazed – and incredibly grateful – for the insights that were shared with us. Having shortlisted solutions of interest we are now embarking on a project with Adrian de Cléir and Mark O’Sullivan at Cartolytics (recommended by IRDG member iQuTech) whom we would never have found without the MQT facility.

“Black folders” will now be history. Real-time tablets, finger-print IDs, data analysis and visualisation are now on the cards for us. Workplans are currently being finalised and – thanks to the MQT – we are ready to embark on an absolutely transformative project for Irish Pressings in 2020.

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