Ireland’s Design Thinking Community with Bernie McGahon

Have a listen to IRDG’s Bernadette McGahon’s talking about #designthinking. Unbeknown to Bernie, her journey with Design Thinking started back as far as 2000 when she came across words such as starting from the customer perspective, mining for insights, iterating, prototyping, and customer feedback.

Bernie has seen first-hand the power of Design Thinking in operation. As Bernie says, “Today more than ever the demand for innovation is huge, and it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Good innovation comes from the intersection between desirability, viability, and feasibility. All of these have led to building a case for Design Thinking.”

Listen to Bernie share her vast knowledge on the use and power of Design Thinking in business.

1. When did you first encounter Design Thinking?

2. Why has it become so popular?

3. Can you talk about the value of getting more comfortable with the problem space before jumping into the solution space?

4. A lot of organisations just want a quick fix. Is that the way Design Thinking is supposed to work?

5. Does Design Thinking replace designers?

6. How does IRDG promote and support its members with Design Thinking?

7. Have you any Irish examples of where DT has worked well?

Host(s): Julia Weyndling and Moritz Meier of DESIGN TALK (DOT IE). 

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