Innovation AND Operational Excellence at Aviareto

OUR CHALLENGE: Facilitating innovation and operational excellence at the same time

The business was facing key questions. How do you balance innovation, delivery of a product and ultimately speed to market? How do you facilitate innovation and operational excellence at the same time?

One of the key elements of Aviareto’s strategy is customer responsiveness; ensuring we meet our Service Level Agreement. Our goal was to be more innovative, but we had concerns around negatively impacting on our core element of operational excellence.

We had reviewed research and papers from the likes of MIT, Harvard Business Review, academic publications and so on. All were helpful, but we lacked the real-world stories from the coalface; direct experience of others who had been in this situation before.

We shared our question with the IRDG members and were thrilled with both the quality and quantity of insights received. We discovered some real golden nuggets whilst also being comforted that we weren’t the only company with these challenges! We’re now on a journey of evaluation, and have been trialling many of the ideas over recent months to see how they fit with us.

As we learn what suits us best, we look forward to reaching out to engage with the relevant respondents to share experiences and delve deeper. We’re immensely grateful to all who replied, and would encourage others to engage with the MQT facility to both contribute to and leverage the power of the network.

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