Archway Roadmaster on Finding a Research Partner

OUR CHALLENGE: First-time collaborator – Finding a research partner

Archway is an SME that designs and manufactures road repair equipment in Co. Leitrim. We’ve developed specialised equipment with several patented features for spray injection patching. This process involves a precisely controlled mixture of aggregate and bitumen emulsion that’s simultaneously pre-mixed and sprayed into road potholes. It’s more efficient and sustainable than traditional forms of patching.

Spray injection patching is a relatively new area, however understanding the chemistry is challenging. We needed to evaluate the properties of the materials to identify the optimum and edge conditions, so we had the right mix at the right time. A literature search yielded nothing so we knew we needed to find an academic partner and conduct our own research.

As we had no knowledge of relevant researchers in Ireland, we turned to IRDG who circulated our challenge to the academic institutions. We were delighted with the response which identified several key researchers with the expertise we were looking for.

Brexit is demanding our attention presently, but we will soon begin the process of choosing our partner. This will be a new experience for Archway and we look forward to collaborating to deliver the outcome of a gold-standard operating procedure for the spray injection patching process. This will keep us at the forefront of the market, and meeting the needs of key customers such as the Department of Transport UK.

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