Accelerating and Enhancing R&D: Fexco

Fexco is an Irish company that has grown to tax and government-backed financing sectors. Technology is significantly transforming and disrupting the financial services ecosystem, and Fexco invests heavily to develop and deliver the best solutions to meet customer needs. The company proactively embraces collaboration with industry, HEIs and Public Sector to facilitate both continuous innovation and their long-term strategy.

In 2019, they established a €3m investment research collaboration together with Science Foundation Ireland and University College Cork which will lead to the creation of new knowledge and technology. This Next Generation of Financial Services Technology (FINTECHNEXT) project facilitates Fexco by bringing world-renowned research experts into the organisation, ensuring the company is at the forefront of identifying new trends and technologies. It is also key for growth in the future talent base and economy of the region.

Catherine Evans is a dedicated resource within Fexco whose role focuses on building key strategic innovation partnerships for the business. Through her engagement with IRDG she says Fexco have been able to accelerate and enhance their R&D and pinpoint key partnerships.

“The IRDG network provides a single funnel of indigenous and international companies, connected together with the various policy and funding agencies. For us, collaboration is a strategic building block, rather than just being a source of funds. The cross-fertilisation of expertise and research we undertake feeds into the curriculum of the HEIs and in turn develops the overall capability for future skills and jobs. Together with the contribution to business in terms of technologies and discoveries, collaboration is instrumental to our future-proofing the business”. Catherine Evans, RDI Collaboration Manager, Fexco.

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