Prophotonix & CAPPA Partnership On R&D

Another great partnership involving two IRDG members – ProPhotonix and CAPPA.

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures LED illumination solutions and laser modules, and also distributes laser diodes from key industry leaders. ProPhotonix has established a strong position in the machine vision sector and building on this reputation has significantly expanded its presence into the solar, semi-conductor, security and medical markets.

Prophotonix & CAPPA Partnership

The company wanted to develop a high intensity UV curing laser diode, which was required to perform with a very specific set of parameters. The device also had to have a minimum number of optical components from a size and cost point of view and in particular from a manufacturing point of view to reduce complexity during assembly. Initial work on the project involved developing a series of optical models to understand the challenges of meeting the parameters required. From there, they partnered with a local machine and tooling company and then CAPPA began the assembly of the test devices. Final power and lifetime testing were also carried out onsite in the CAPPA centre.

“Prophotonix gained access to key research and development expertise that would otherwise not have allowed us to develop our product. The company now has a market disruptive product available to us with key customers targeted”. – Ken Reynolds – Business and Technology Manager, ProPhotonix

The company has since signed a licensing agreement to take the product to market. It was marketed and launched at the Photonics West conference in the USA, a high profile, product driven industry linked conference. Given the success of the interaction the company now uses the CAPPA centre regularly to carry out investigative R&D.

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