5G For Business with Dell Technologies

5G Connectivity – An Imperative to Digital Transformation

One of the most limiting issues to digital progress has been bandwidth. The advent of 5G is increasing cellular bandwidth by huge amounts, and in so doing providing innovation opportunities for companies across a myriad of areas. It is important not only because it has the potential to support millions of devices at ultrafast speeds, but also because it has the potential to transform the lives of people.

To help IRDG member companies understand and assess the potential benefits for their business, we recently hosted a ‘5G in Business’ one day conference, in association with Dell Technologies. Attendees were treated to the full spectrum of 5G elements through a wide range of talks, case studies and networking from member companies and guests including Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, Analog Devices, Vodafone, Confirm Centre, CONNECT Centre, Dublin City Council, HSE and IDA Ireland. We also showcased a number of Irish leading member SMEs who are pioneering key aspects of 5G delivery including Druid Software, Gallarus, Taoglas, Benetel, Delmec and Surecom.

The potential business applications arising from 5G connectivity are wide ranging including enhanced video, real time automation, connected vehicles, monitoring and tracking, autonomous robots, remote operations, augmented reality and smart surveillance across diverse industries. Our antenna is up and we’ll be continuing to watch this space!

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