Leading Industry Voice

Representation has been a core activity since the establishment of IRDG. IRDG is the respected voice of industry on RDI matters and over many years the views of IRDG members have been invaluable in informing and shaping RDI schemes and incentives available to industry.

The views of IRDG members are articulated in a persuasive and consistent manner to key decision makers.

IRDG is the leading industry representative voice on RD&I in Ireland. It is a quietly successful organisation that provides a respected input on R&D policy and represents members’ views on RD&I issues to government departments, bodies and development agencies. IRDG is recognized as being constructive and representative of the voices of R&D performing companies in Ireland.

Key Aspects of IRDG Representation

IRDG maintains an open relationship and ongoing dialogue with government departments, bodies and agencies on behalf of the membership. This includes Enterprise Ireland, IDA, SFI, Dept. of Finance Department of Enterprise, Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and many more.

  • Direct input to Research and Innovation policy through member workshops on specific issues, e.g. collaboration, R&D tax credit audits
  • Consultation on nominations to research, technology and innovation bodies
  • Input to government on topics such as the funding of R&D, interactions with colleges, R&D tax credits, patent royalty scheme, intangible assets etc.
  • Input to government task forces, e.g. Innovation Task Force

RD&I Tax Credit Scheme

IRDG was instrumental in the establishment of the RD&I Tax Credit Scheme, and the IRDG continues to contribute constructively to the development and improvement to this key financial support to R&D performing companies.

Through IRDG membership interactions and surveys, member companies can ensure their views are collated, developed and articulated to influence policy within the RD&I arena.

“It makes me wonder how they do it but IRDG keeps opening up these wonderful opportunities for us to visit leading companies such as Microsoft, Kerry Group, Dairymaster and Analog Devices. Getting direct access to their Centres of Excellence for R&D and hearing about the latest developments from their Innovation leaders is both inspirational and educational. Through the IRDG Innovation Practice Group visits I have also made very important business connections with people from all sectors. Every single one we have attended has been invaluable to us.”

Noel Carr, Managing Director, Diomac

Membership Enquiry

Companies can join at any stage of the year. The first step in the process is a conversation with one of our team to discuss your business.