The views of IRDG members are articulated in a persuasive and consistent manner to key decision makers

IRDG is the leading industry representative voice on RD&I in Ireland. It is a quietly successful organisation that provides a respected input on R&D policy and represents members’ views on RD&I issues to government departments, bodies and development agencies. IRDG is recognized as being constructive and representative of the voices of R&D performing companies in Ireland.


  • Open relationship and ongoing dialogue with government departments, bodies and agencies on behalf of the membership (includes Enterprise Ireland, IDA, SFI, Dept. of Finance, Office of Science & Technology etc…)
  • Direct input to R&D policy through member workshops on specific issues, e.g. collaboration, R&D tax credit audits
  • Consultation on nominations to research, technology and innovation bodies
  • Input to government on topics such as the funding of R&D, interactions with colleges, R&D tax credits, patent royalty scheme, intangible assets etc.
  • Input to government task forces, e.g. Innovation Task Force

IRDG representations were instrumental in the establishment of the RD&I Tax Credit Scheme, and the IRDG continues to contribute constructively to the development and improvement to this key financial support to R&D performing companies.

Through IRDG membership interactions and surveys, member companies can ensure their views are collated, developed and articulated to influence policy within the RD&I arena.

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