Representation is a core part of  IRDG’s Mission. IRDG was a key part in establishing the R&D Tax Credits, an incentive worth over €1Bn a year to Irish Industry.  IRDG is a member of the Revenue working group on R&D Tax Credits and works closely with the Departments of Finance, Enterprise, Further and Higher Education and Public Expenditure to ensure that members view are articulated in a persuasive and consistent manner to key decision makers.

Informing Policy

As Ireland’s leading advocate in Research and Innovation, we represent member interests at all levels of government, including across Departments of Finance, Enterprise Trade & Employment (DETE) and Further and Higher Education Research Innovation and Science (DFHERIS).

IRDG contributes directly input to policy formation across R&D, Innovation, Sustainability, AI, Future of Work and other key areas of relevance to Innovation Driven companies.

We also work agencies such as the IDA, SFI and Enterprise Ireland. From informing policy to consulting on development programmes and participating on task forces, IRDG is recognised as an essential voice for R&D performing companies.

Get in touch with Ireland’s industry representative for innovation and ensure your voice and opinions are heard by key policy and decision-makers in this area.

“IRDG worked with us at Asavie to apply for RD&I funding from Enterprise Ireland. Following initial consultations, a sector specific expert was appointed who took full control of the application process. The expert nous and experience provided by the team, as well as the intimate knowledge of the application procedure, meant the entire process was very much streamlined and pain-free. This allowed us to prioritise our day-to-day functions and remain focussed on key project deliverables. We were successful with our application and would definitely recommend others to consider IRDG as key in availing of funding support.”

Chris Meehan, CFO, Asavie

Key Aspects of What We Do

IRDG maintains an open relationship and ongoing dialogue with government departments, bodies and agencies on behalf of the membership. This includes Enterprise Ireland, IDA, SFI, Dept. of Finance Department of Enterprise, Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and many more.

  • Direct input to Research and Innovation policy through member workshops on specific issues, e.g. collaboration, R&D tax credit audits
  • Consultation on nominations to research, technology and innovation bodies
  • Input to government on topics such as the funding of R&D, interactions with colleges, R&D tax credits, patent royalty scheme, intangible assets etc.
  • Input to government task forces, e.g. Innovation Task Force

R&D Tax Credits 

IRDG was instrumental in the establishment of the R&D Tax Credit Scheme, which is now worth over a €1Bn a year to Irish Industry and has risen from 25% to 30% in 2023.

IRDG continues to contribute constructively to the development and improvement to this key financial support to R&D performing companies.

Through IRDG membership interactions and surveys, member companies can ensure their views are collated, developed and articulated to influence policy within the RD&I arena.

“Being involved with the various Centres and Institutes has been hugely cost-effective for us, enabling us to get access to early stage research and development whilst expanding our network. Strategically we’ve been able to demonstrate the benefit of collaborative, value for money R&D, with the support of specialised subject matter experts working with our partners in the Irish academic sector. This has been critical for us in enhancing the profile of the site and influencing corporate investment towards the Cork facility. The access to, and collaboration with, a well skilled network has enabled the site to attract high calibre candidates to the team and in the process helped the group develop into a significant process development resource within the global R&D organisation. This bodes well for the future of the site.”

Barry Walsh, Chief Scientific Officer, Alcon

Membership Enquiry

Companies can join at any stage of the year. The first step in the process is a conversation with one of our team to discuss your business.