R&D Tax Credit Clinic

Complimentary members’ R&D Tax Credit clinics for finance, technical & other colleagues across industry who should understand this key support for companies engaged in Research, Development & Innovation.

Our very last event of 2021 looks at the R&D Tax Credits. Timing might be good as you close out year-end accounts, or indeed as you plan for 2022 and consider if tax credit support for R&D will be in your mix.

R&D Tax Credit Clinic with KPMG
Tuesday, 7th December, 9.30 – 11am (members only)

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This R&D tax credit clinic aims to provide important insights into the key elements of preparing and defending a robust R&D tax credit claim i.e. the scientific/ engineering, finance/ tax technical and documentation/ evidence aspects of a claim.

It is aimed at both in a scientific/engineering people and people working in finance or tax related roles to provide the necessary insights required for each discipline’s perspective. It should be relevant to all those responsible for managing, recording and claiming the credits.

It may also be of interest to anyone who has not yet claimed R&D tax credits but is considering doing so in the future. This clinic should provide insight into whether the credit is for you and whether there are steps you should start taking now to ensure the best outcomes.

During the clinic KPMG will outline an overview of the R&D Tax Credit, highlight the technical and finance aspects of the credit, discuss specific and detailed best practice on managing documentation and dealing with audit situations, followed by a detailed discussion and Q&A.

The goal is to help companies become more independent in the management of claims, and to be prepared so to be best placed to defend the claim in the event of audit.

This clinic will be delivered by Emma Fidgeon-Kavanagh and Dr Eoin McCarthy from KPMG’s R&D Incentives Practice, highly experienced practitioners in R&D tax incentives.

One to Ones

For any company who would like to discuss R&D Tax Credits in more detail with the KPMG team, complimentary, individual, 20-minute time slots can be booked. A maximum of 10 of these are available, and they should be booked separately by emailing Mary Byrne (mary.byrne@irdg.ie) to request one.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD hours will be available for attendees who would like to avail of same.

Speaker Profiles

Emma Fidgeon-Kavanagh | Director
► Emma has 16 years’ experience managing the preparation and defence of R&D tax credit claims on a full-time basis.
► She is one of the most experienced tax consultants working in this space with a deep tax technical knowledge of the R&D tax credit regime in Ireland.
► Emma’s clients include start-ups, SMEs and large multinationals from a broad spectrum of industry including software, biotech, pharma, food and engineering.
► Emma has extensive experience of supporting both R&D tax credit and KDB claims under Revenue audit including to Tax Appeal level.

Dr Eoin McCarthy | Senior Scientific Consultant
► Eoin is an experienced materials scientist with a broad range of expertise in characterisation and analytics.
► Prior to joining KPMG, Eoin spent 6 years as a senior scientist in the AMBER research centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
► With close to thirty scientific publications and having led a characterisation service across R&D projects in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and medical devices space, he brings deep technical knowledge to the KPMG R&D tax practice.


Please contact Mary Byrne with any queries about this event.

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