Our vision is that IRDG is recognized as “The Innovation Network” on a national level, creating a dynamic community of innovative companies and institutes.  Collaboration and innovation utilising the vast experience and excellence within this community is of immense benefit not only those directly involved, but has significant potential to shape the revival of our economy as a whole.

Innovation, collaboration, research and development are critical to our economy and our lives.  The contribution of our member organisations in this regard is already significant.  We believe our vision can support members, the wider community and the research institutes to deliver further innovation and competitive advantage.  This Innovation Network can become the central hub for all knowledge and resources relating to the Innovation, Research and Development agenda in Ireland and beyond.

To enable our vision, IRDG activity is organised around our Five Pillars.

  1. Representation
  2. Funding & Support
  3. Innovation Networking
  4. Collaboration
  5. Learning