Most businesses have ambitious new-product or service objectives. But often the business falls short and too many projects fail to achieve their sales and profit targets or have little impact on the business.  Are you facing such challenges?

If so, now is the time to power-up your innovation process.

IRDG’s Lean Innovation programme is all about helping you get the right new products to market better, faster, more efficiently and within budget.  This programme is CPD certified, with credits available which can be used across professional bodies.

Dates and Format

A total of 6 virtual sessions – 9am to 1pm each day:

  • Day 1 – 31st Jan
  • Day 2 – 1st Feb
  • Day 3 – 14th Feb
  • Day 4 – 15th Feb
  • Day 5 – 28th Feb
  • Day 6 – 1st Mar

Each session will involve a combination of theory, mixed-company group work, and mentoring discussions to maximise peer-learning.

Why this Programme?

It will introduce 4 game changers to rethink your new product development process, whatever your sector.
1. A front-end discovery framework to support the identification and selection of winning ideas for your business and customers.
2. Techniques to maximise your valuable R&D resources to successfully design, develop and deliver significantly greater customer value and financial returns.
3. Guidance on governance and product development events to accelerate your new product development pipeline, delivering up to 30% faster time to market.
4. A team with a changing mindset, approach to issues and problems, habits and behaviours that over time will reinvigorate the culture within your business.

Team / Individuals

We recommend that companies join as a team of 2-4 people to ensure what is learned gets applied and disseminated across the business. This lean innovation approach can be easily scaled according to your company size and is being implemented in companies of all sizes and sectors.  But individuals are also welcome.

Member Costs

€950 per person. This includes a copy of the book Mastering Lean Product Development by Ron Mascitelli.


The programme will be led by Sean McNulty, Pat Lawlor and Shane Hughes.  See their details here.

Why Lean Innovation?

Testimonials & Member Stories

See CBE, Silver Pail Dairy & Excelsys Technologies talk about their experience of the Lean Innovation programme and its application in house.

Indigenous SME – SaaS company: “We found the IRDG Lean Product Development course very worthwhile, it helped us formalise our new product discovery process and truly understand the value that we are generating for our customers. It gives you a framework for focusing on the value-added elements of your product development process and shorten the time to market”.
James Greevy, Head of Product, Herdwatch

Indigenous SME – Industrial Products: “Very interesting programme, a lot of exercises helping you to figure out all the methods and how to use them. A lot of tips how to do product development more effectively – would expect every company being able to find something useful for them, no matter where they are in the Lean Journey”.
Tatiana Brantseva, PhD, Technical Development and Research and Development Manager, Kelly Bros

Multinational Company – Healthcare: “A team of people from our company participated in the programme, with the viewpoint that we wanted to gain different perspectives and learnings from it as individuals that we could later bring together as a team focused on improving our own internal Product Development Process. Personally, I found the program to be very effective in achieving that original objective, the structure of the sessions with a mix of theory, anecdotes and personal experiences from the course leaders worked quite well. Particularly enjoyable was being put into groups with other companies where you picked up different ideas, approaches and perspectives outside of your own ‘company think’. I would highly recommend it to any company who are serious about bringing changes to their product development processes”.
DP Morrin, Director, Innovation Insights, Transitions Optical Ltd.

Further information

Contact Bernie McGahon ( or Mary Byrne ( with any enquiries or bookings.