An Engine for Consistent Innovation

The rate of change and pace of innovation in today’s markets dictate that companies must continuously deliver value to customers or risk falling behind the competition. Efficiently and effectively developing those value-added products, services and solutions requires a solid process for innovation. One that can cope with the degree of unknowns, uncertainties and undefined requirements of the main users, consumers, customers and stakeholders.

IRDG has been promoting Lean Product Development (LPD) for a number of years as the engine for consistent innovation. Our LPD approach is unique. Designed for an Irish audience by our expert team, in collaboration with Ron Mascitelli (global LPD thought-leader), it integrates practical tools and techniques into a set of events that can be applied safely into any existing Stage Gate or Agile process, in any sector.

Game Changers

Addressing topics such as front-end discovery, culture & behaviours, project management, resource management, risk management and knowledge sharing, this approach will introduce game changers into your existing process:

  • #1 Big Change: a front-end discovery framework to support the identification and selection of winning ideas for your business and customers.
  • #2 Big Change: techniques to maximise your valuable R&D resources to successfully design, develop and deliver significantly greater customer value and financial returns.
  • #3 Big Change: guidance on key aspects such as governance and product development events to accelerate your new product development pipeline, delivering up to 30% faster time to market.
  • #4 Big Change: a team with a changing mindset, approach to issues and problems, habits and behaviours that over time will reinvigorate the culture within your business.

“We undertook the 4-day programme with IRDG as a way of evaluating the potential of LPD and learning more about it before diving fully in. It only takes one or two things to change what you are doing, and improve efficiency, and we’ve certainly achieved that. The front-end discovery piece has been hugely beneficial for us in determining the right projects to progress through our funnel. Learning from the experience of the facilitators and other participants will help us to continue to build on the benefits we’ve gained so far.”

Diarmuid Hogan, Manager – Engineering, Excelsys Technologies

Real Value for Companies

The LPD approach can easily be scaled to your company’s size and is being implemented in companies of all sizes and sectors. Approved for funding support by Enterprise Ireland, Údarás na Gaeltachta and IDA Ireland, this practical & proven approach is already adding real value for companies. If you are looking to build a structured new development process, to critique and improve an existing process or to train development teams on best practices, this programme is for you.

Companies can participate in a programme with us, or engage us to do in-house work in this area. Get in touch if you would like to hear more.

“It makes me wonder how they do it but IRDG keeps opening up these wonderful opportunities for us to visit leading companies such as Microsoft, Kerry Group, Dairymaster and Analog Devices. Getting direct access to their Centres of Excellence for R&D and hearing about the latest developments from their Innovation leaders is both inspirational and educational. Through the IRDG Innovation Practice Group visits I have also made very important business connections with people from all sectors. Every single one we have attended has been invaluable to us.”

Noel Carr, Managing Director, Diomac

IRDG’s 4-day Lean Product Development Programme

Time for a programme that will enhance your new product development process and accelerate speed to market. Is it time for a change? Is there room to improve?

IRDG’s Lean Product Development 4-day programme is designed for an Irish audience by our expert team, in collaboration with Ron Mascitelli (global LPD thought-leader). This unique programme takes all the benefits of lean, and applies them in a very relevant way to the changeable, dynamic nature of the innovation world. It will introduce game changers to your new product development processes, whatever your sector.


Membership Enquiry

Companies can join at any stage of the year. The first step in the process is a conversation with one of our team to discuss your business.