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Join IRDG today and unlock a world of opportunities to accelerate your organisation’sgrowth and success.

Companies can join at any time. Membership runs for 12 months. The fee is based on business size – small, medium or large.

Membership is corporate and all employees are welcome to engage   (including international colleagues).

Whether your company is new to the area of Research, Development and Innovation, or long established  IRDG will add value .

As an industry-led network, industry companies or third level research organisations only qualify for membership. All our members from 6 people to 6,000 are actively engaged in Innovation – driving change to fulfil an organisation purpose.

It may be deep technology generating IP and Patents, it might be software development or new product introduction or improvement or it might be business model innovation. The key is you’re creating new knowledge and you want to be supported in this process. 

  • Schedule a call
    Schedule a call (or use the enquiry form on this page) with one of our research, development and innovation experts to explore eligibility and how IRDG can add value to your business.

  • Connect your Employees
    Our network is open to all your employees to gain value from networking events, tax credit clinics, our Skillnet training, and many other events and one to one supports.


  • Benefit from an independent, business-led network that is dedicated to promoting excellence in research, development & innovation (RD&I) in our member companies.

  • Engage with our industry board to share your voice, contribute to Ireland’s innovation agenda, and be prepared for emerging industry trends.

  • Accelerate the return on your RD&I investment with all the expert knowledge and resources you need to achieve a competitive advantage through innovation.

  • Make sense of the wide-ranging supports available from Ireland and beyond.

  • Network with over 300 indigenous and multinational member companies of all sizes across 24 sectors of industry, who are also driving RD&I in their businesses.

  • Develop contacts, learn from, and share best practice with this unique, diverse and cross-sectoral community of leading businesses.

  • Connect in all your employees and enhance your business know-how by developing skills in areas such as R&D funding and tax credits, lean product development, design thinking, innovation best practice, sustainability, technology trends and more.

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“The IRDG network provides a single funnel of indigenous and international companies, connected together with the various policy and funding agencies. For us, collaboration is a strategic building block, rather than just being a source of funds. The cross-fertilisation of expertise and research we undertake feeds into the curriculum of the HEIs and in turn develops the overall capability for future skills and jobs. Together with the contribution to business in terms of technologies and discoveries, collaboration is instrumental to our future-proofing the business.”

Catherine Evans, RDI Collaboration Manager, Fexco