Innovation Practice Groups

IRDG regularly facilitate sharing of learning through our Innovation Practice Groups. These are site visits to member companies which have insightful stories to tell about their Innovation journey. Regardless of your company sector, or that of the company you are visiting, there is very valuable learning in these visits.

We’ve had superb innovation visits in the past to companies including Microsoft, Medtronic, Trinity College Dublin, SAP, Keenan Systems, Irish Distillers, Glen Dimplex, Wisetek, ding*, EirGen, Bord na Móna, An Post, Alltech, Intel Labs, Silver Hill Foods, Dairymaster, Henkel, Kerry Group, Helsinn, APC, ESB and Analog Devices.

Covering Innovation Themes

Focused on learning, generating knowledge and building capability, IRDG’s Innovation Practice Groups cover key innovation themes: ideation, implementation, collaboration, networking, leadership and value creation.

Everyone loves to learn from the experience of their peers, and these members generously share where they have gained and lost so that others don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Being exposed to life in different sectors and companies is an enlightening experience, which members really value. In addition, the more intimate group setting facilitates really valuable engagement, discussion and networking.

“It makes me wonder how they do it but IRDG keeps opening up these wonderful opportunities for us to visit leading companies such as Microsoft, Kerry Group, Dairymaster and Analog Devices. Getting direct access to their Centres of Excellence for R&D and hearing about the latest developments from their Innovation leaders is both inspirational and educational. Through the IRDG Innovation Practice Group visits I have also made very important business connections with people from all sectors. Every single one we have attended has been invaluable to us.”

Noel Carr, Managing Director, Diomac

Site Visits

Analog Devices

BD Research Centre Ireland



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Companies can join at any stage of the year. The first step in the process is a conversation with one of our team to discuss your business.