IRDG Innovation Practice Group visit to APC Ltd., 28th February

We are delighted to extend an exclusive invitation to members to join us for an Innovation Practice Group (IPG) visit to APC Ltd, a leading Irish RD&I company that partners with eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and five of the top 10 biotech companies worldwide to deliver excellence in process design.

This IPG visit takes place on Thursday 28th February, from 9.15 – 1.45pm.

About APC Ltd. 

APC specializes in integrating innovative process performance across a medicine’s life cycle, from early phase development to manufacturing support.  Their primary objective is to design, develop and optimise robust, scalable and transferable processes to ensure an efficient, safe and secure supply of medicines for clients’ patients. 

Founded in 2011 by Dr Mark Barrett and Prof Brian Glennon, APC completed a €10m expansion at their state-of the-art research facility at Cherrywood Business Park in 2018.  This led to the creation of 50 new highly skilled R&D jobs.   

The new state-of-the-art research facility at Cherrywood boasts a world-class team of bio/process engineers, process and analytical chemists, modelling engineers and life scientists to deliver excellence across a wide range of process challenges and APC’s own innovation roadmap. The company is the largest employer in Ireland of PhD-qualified chemical engineers and one of the country’s largest employers of PhD-level scientists.  

What will you learn?  

Regardless of your industry background, there will be lots of learning opportunities for attendees on this visit.  This Innovation Practice Group visit will include the following topics together with a tour of APC’s unique office and lab facility which promotes and integrates research activities with clients: 

  • the growth of APC and the development of their innovation roadmap; leveraging of national and EU funding awards to support roadmap development and to minimise risk 
  • the technical, operational and logistic challenges in scaling a research platform from a vial to 500 L  
  • the development of a novel reactor design to meet challenging chemistries.


There is no charge for members to attend this event.  Please join the waiting list if the event is booked out.  Spaces often become available at a later stage due to changes in people’s diaries.