Innovation and Design Thinking Shared Interest Group with Dolmen

On Thursday, 13th May, we will host a virtual Innovation and Design Thinking Shared Interest Group, led by IRDG member Dolmen Design and Innovation (

Introducing our Host – Dolmen

Dolmen has been designing award winning and IP rich products for clients around the world for the last 3 decades. This special event, for IRDG members only, will allow members of our R&D community a rare insight into how a professional product design agency works.

The event will have two parts, and takes place from 9.30 – 11.30am.

1. Case studies: Dolmen will showcase some deeply technical and award-winning case studies from their FMCG and Medtech clients (sneak peek: one will involve a pint of the black stuff!). In doing so, they will help members to understand the process and challenges involved in getting the right product to market, working from proof of concept through to market. What are the steps involved? What are the key considerations for success? How do you consolidate ideas etc?

2. Guided creative & interactive session: To help you experience collaborative innovation in a virtual world, participants will be led through a practical session by Dolmen founder Sean McNulty. Mixed teams will each be facilitated by Dolmen designers to envision the future in relation to a number of different challenges, and you will use virtual tools to achieve this. This will help you to see how companies can continue to leverage tools and methodologies to drive real innovation despite these challenging times, and give you some insights that might also be applicable in your business.

We are very grateful to Dolmen for this opportunity to experience a ‘virtual’ design studio and look forward to having you join us.


Booking is now closed.

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