IRDG member companies maximise funding for their Innovation and R&D through Grants and Tax Credits with full support, advice and assistance.

It is becoming ever more apparent that continued investment in RD&I is not just desirable but highly necessary to continue to expand our businesses and economy.  Research, development and innovation is critical to all business operations.  Services innovation is becoming just as important as product or process research and development.

There is a variety of funding opportunities and structures available to companies be they small or large, including:

  • In-Company R&D
  • Collaborative R&D
  • Start-up Company R&D
  • EU R&D Funding Programmes
  • R&D Tax Incentives
  • Knowledge Development Box

Given the array of R&D grant funding available, it can be difficult for many business owners to take the time to collate the data from multiple sources and identify the most appropriate funds to target.  The processes can appear complicated and demanding.  However, with the right support and advice, companies can avail of and maximise the significant supports that exist.

IRDG has experience over 20 years of supporting member companies to identify and secure the most appropriate grant funding for their initiatives.  Member companies have received between €175m – €200m grant funding since we were set up in 1992.  Member companies are also maximizing their tax incentives through our involvement and support on R&D Tax Credits and Intangible Assets.

We have now used all of this knowledge and experience to help us to guide and support members to identify and source the most suitable funds and complete an application.  As with any advice, the best way to really understand something is to discuss it and time is always available for members to do just that.

Finally, read a case study by member company CPS which demonstrates how R&D Funding made a difference to their business – CPS “OPPORTUNITIES BY UP-SKILLING, TRYING THINGS, AND R&D”

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