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Throughout most of history design was a process applied to physical objects.  Design Thinking now transcends this and is an alternative path to innovation which can be applied to everything from physical products to intangible processes.  It’s a systematic creative process.  Intangible yet life-changing.  

Our Design Thinking for Innovation & Business Growth event is less than a month away and we have a brilliant lineup of speakers who are guaranteed to blow your mind with their insights on design thinking.  But that’s not all!  The intangible concept of design thinking will be made tangible; expressed through its historic medium – art.

Artist Phillip Barrett will be Live Drawing each presentation.  He will be tucked away where he can’t see the speakers, similar to a forensic artist, and will illustrate the concepts spoken about.  It’s quite brilliant to witness – as an artist he hones in on the key points discussed and translates these into visuals through drawing!  

Attendees will be able to view the drawings  immediately after the presentations and witness the speeches they just heard translated to a visual interpretation.  Though viewing these visual interpretations is interesting, bordering on mind-blowing, the value lies in learning this skill.  Sketching enables you to visually present your ideas and tell your innovation story in a way that piques the interest of your internal stakeholders.  If you are doing innovation, you have a story to tell.  Sketching can equip you to storyboard and effectively tell your story in a very visual and tangible way.

Here are some examples from last year’s event.  

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, book now!  www.designthinkingireland.ie


IRDG Design Thinking Conference Artist Impression-page-002 IRDG Design Thinking Conference Artist Impression-page-003 IRDG Design Thinking Conference Artist Impression-page-004 IRDG Design Thinking Conference Artist Impression-page-005


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