Impacting All Areas

As individuals, many aspects of our lives have been impacted by disruptive technology and digital transformation. As businesses, the proliferation of emerging and evolving technologies is demanding real attention to ensure companies of all sizes and sectors sustain their competitive advantage.

Research tells us that 80% of current business processes and practices will either be changed or eliminated by 2025. Technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality are delivering new capabilities to analyse, personalise, predict, correct in real time, automate, and reduce risk that can transform business.

“What we like most about IRDG is as a shared experience, members know the context. People appreciate that they contribute where they can and do so openly and with a willingness to share. The quality of responses is fantastic, and when you have so many other pressing challenges, the benefit of being able to save some time by tapping into the experience of others and save reinventing the wheel is really valuable. The IRDG team have created a powerful environment which facilitates openness and communications, which is highly valued by us.”

Paul Keogh, Plant Director, Takeda

Relevant Videos

Disruptive Technologies Series

IRDG’s Disruptive Technologies Series will look not just at the technologies, but also on the question of How? How can companies really be active in this space? What are the strategies to apply? What are the challenges? How can businesses support their people?

Given our cross-sectoral membership, IRDG is perfectly placed to help companies to collaborate in this area, whether as a solution provider or solution seeker. We’ll provide all the inspiration, stimulation and connections we can to help your journey. Let your first port of call be our Disruptive Technologies events throughout the year.

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Companies can join at any stage of the year. The first step in the process is a conversation with one of our team to discuss your business.