“Innovators must integrate their ideas, expertise and skills with those of others outside the organisation to deliver the result to the marketplace using the most effective means possible” (Dr. Henry Chesbrough)

Through the extensive network both internally and externally, IRDG can facilitate collaboration with appropriate peer companies, third level research institutes or other service providers, creating appropriate partnerships to progress open innovation. For many companies, the opportunity to avail of research funding, expertise and resources to test ideas or develop new solutions provides a facility which may otherwise have rendered the project impossible. The third-level institutes in Ireland are highly skilled in the areas of research and development, conducting cutting edge research which can lead to real commercial opportunities.

A number of the third-level research institutes are members of IRDG as follows:

In addition, IRDG has links and networks across all research institutes and services and advises and supports companies to choose and engage with the most suitable partner depending upon the nature of the project and expertise required.

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