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DTIF 3rd Call for Applications

It has been announced that the 3rd Call for applications to the #DTIF will launch on 23 September 2020. Some changes re the application may be implemented, but the Call 2 documentation is available at this point for reference (see link below). Further details will be shared once available.  Please get in touch with any of the IRDG team if you would like help on this. 


Your business not a member?  Understand the potential benefits. No obligation conversation –

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Updated Revenue Guidelines on R&D Tax Credits

#ResearchAndDevelopment #TaxCredits – The Revenue Commissioners have issued updated guidelines. One key change is the exclusion of rent as an allowable cost.

“Section 4.1: Rent is expenditure on a building or structure and is excluded from being expenditure on research and development by section 766(1)(a) TCA 1997”

Keep an eye out for IRDG’s upcoming R&D Tax Credit webinars with leading tax experts for continued updates.


Your business not a member?  Understand the potential benefits. Contact Mary Byrne – mary.byrne@irdg.ie

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IRDG’s Covid-19 Information and RD&I Hub

The IRDG Covid-19 Information and RD&I Hub is available as a resource to all members and will be updated as new information comes to pass.  Visit the Hub

  1. Individual Member Business and RD&I Support
  2. Engagement with Government
  3. Helping Business Through Covid-19
  4. Funding for Innovators Fighting Covid-19
  5. Other RD&I News
  6. Selection of Reference Links
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IRDG supporting your business during Covid-19 crisis

Dear Member

I hope you are keeping safe in this extraordinary time for all our businesses. 

We are sensitive to the challenges which lie ahead and would like to assure you of the continued support and commitment of the IRDG team as we all strive for normal operations.        

  • IRDG’s one-to-one support, with advice and guidance on any key RD&I questions or needs you have, is available to you at all times.  We appreciate you will also face other
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