What to expect from our Keynote Speaker, Jeanne Liedtka

Professor Jeanne Liedtka of Darden University is one of the worlds leading experts in design thinking.  She is a business strategist by trade and now works in academia.  She has done a tremendous amount of real-life research around Design Thinking and has worked with companies of all scales to implement Design Thinking for innovation & business growth.  This plethora of experience has allowed her to see Design Thinking applied in a lot of different ways to drive innovation and business growth.  

Jeanne found that when she spoke with real managers, they cared less about the traditional approaches such as SWOT analysis – and were interested in the practical insights into how they can grow their business.  She is able to combine her experience in business strategy and academia with solving real business problems through Design Thinking.  She has written award-winning books and has a slew of qualifications which you can read about here, but rather than go into all of those now we thought we’d share a few quotes and two of our favourite videos.  If you have time, I’d highly encourage you to take time to listen to these videos.  You will find them both insightful and inspiring – and a nice sampling of what to expect should you attend our upcoming Design Thinking for Innovation and Business Growth.  


“Storytelling is the difference between solving a problem and creating a cause. Lists solve a problem: Here’s an issue we face, let’s create a pro and con list about how to solve it and then pick the best option. A cause is something that ignites people and unites people. That is what a good story does: It creates a cause.”

  • Jeanne Liedtka, Designing for Growth:  A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers


“Observing, it turns out, does more than activate our visual perceptions; observed actions are mapped onto our motor systems. So if you are watching someone hitting a baseball, you’re actually practicing your swing in your head. You are working all the neurological connections that you need to actually stand up and swing the bat. And so seeing can be a powerful enabler of doing (as well as a powerful enabler of empathy).”

  • Jeanne Liedtka, Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers




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