IRDG R&D Tax Credit Clinic, Kilmainham

A busy week in Dublin as we gear up for our R&D Tax Credit Clinic. These clinics, with small groups of 30-40 people from different member companies, are a great way to dig into the detail of the R&D Tax Credit scheme. Content includes revenue guidance, finance & scientific criteria, documentation requirements, audit preparation, experience sharing.

This week’s R&D Tax Credit Clinic in The Hilton Kilmainham, this time in conjunction with EY. Our R&D Tax Credit Clinics always attract many members seeking to further their knowledge of the R&D Tax Credits process and its value for their companies. Our R&D Tax Credit Clinics focuses on teaching our members new and invaluable information regarding R&D Tax Credits and being a point of knowledge for our members in this regard. With 2020 just around the corner, a reminder of the key points from Budget 2020 are as follows in relation to the R&D Tax Credits;

• The R&D credit is being amended for micro and small companies to increase the 25% R&D credit to 30% and to enhance the existing limits on the payable credit.
• A new provision is being introduced to allow micro and small companies conducting pre-trading R&D to claim the credit before trading commences, limited to offset against VAT and payroll tax liabilities only.
• These measures for micro and small companies are both subject to State aid approval.
• In respect of all claimants, the current limit on outsourcing to third level institutes of education will be increased from 5% to 15%.

Further details and booking on http://www.irdg.ie/rd-tax-credit-clinic-dublin2019/


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