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R&D Grants and Tax Credits Dec 2011

R&D Grants and Tax Credits Dec 2011

December 2011 – Members Survey

One of the areas of concern amongst IRDG members is that of R&D grant schemes and tax credits. We are a partner of choice with Government Agencies on these topics, and once equipped with the up to date data from you, are in a strong position to influence this evolving area for your benefit.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that member experiences of these areas are mixed, so we are completing a short survey which aims to:…

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The Finance Bill 2012 was published on 8th February last.  The Bill gives effect to and puts flesh on the bones of the provisions announced in Budget 2012.  The main points are:

·        The first €100,000 of group expenditure on R&D is excluded from the incremental basis of calculation. The tax credit will be due on such expenditure at 25% without reference to the 2003 ‘‘threshold amount’’.…

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