WORKSHOP: Systematic Innovation – A Repeatable Formula for Success

IMI Dublin, Tuesday 15th April 2014 – 9am to 5pm

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Based on an analysis of over 3.8 million innovation attempts across every sector of human activity, the likelihood of successfully turning a novel idea into sustainable shareholder value is currently slightly worse than the odds of winning at roulette. Close to 98% of all innovation attempts end in failure. Those attempts fail because organisations: – Ask the wrong questions – Deliver the wrong solutions – Inadequately protect their IP – Mis-handle the communication with customers & stakeholders – Take on projects inconsistent with the capabilities of the organisation – Give up too soon.

Darrell Mann, examines each of the above failure reasons to provide delegates with proven, deployable strategies appropriate to the context of their own enterprises. ‘Systematic Innovation’ is all about helping organisations to construct a repeatable formula for success. In this workshop, Darrell addresses each of these modes of failure in their R&D context, and extracts from the 3.8 million datapoints the strategies and principles uncovered by the 2% of innovation attempts that end up being successful.

We can learn from these organizations that successful innovation emerges from building situations where everyone wins – whether they be customer, shareholder or employee. Successful innovations also come through understanding your customers (and those that aren’t yet your customers) better than they understand themselves. True understanding of customers means anticipating their current and future needs. It also means understanding intangible and unspoken desires as well as their known tangible ones.

The programme is the outcome of over 2000 person years of research into the DNA of creative success. It is the only philosophy, method and toolkit capable of tackling and generating breakthrough solutions in today’s challenging and increasingly complex business environment.

The workshop format will be highly inter-active and designed to suit either a technical or business service delegates. Our aim with this programme is to offer materials and case studies tuned to the constituency and interests of the delegates.

The one day session will present a working introduction to the main Systematic Innovation tools and techniques, and will enable delegates to return to their workplace with a range of new capabilities that will enable them to make a tangible difference in terms of both breakthrough ideas and means of gaining buy-in so that they may be successfully deployed. Delegates will be able to work on real problem solving and opportunity-creating tasks during the workshop.

1) Big Picture – Why so much R&D results in so little innovation
2) Understanding Customers Better Than They Understand Themselves
3) Generating Breakthrough Solutions – Finding & Eliminating Trade-Offs
4) Bulletproofing IP – Predictable Evolution Directions
5) Innovation Capability
6) Putting It All Together – Top 5 Things To Do Differently Tomorrow

Darrell MannIntroducing Darrell Mann

Featured in Who’s Who in the World, Darrell Mann is recognised as one of the world’s most prolific inventors and has generated over a dozen patents and patent applications. He has spent much of his working life trying to understand why 98% of Innovation projects end in failure and has come up with an approach called Systematic Innovation.

He now implements this approach with clients including Intel, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Nestle, & Mahindra, MindTree, Samsumg, Telekom Malaysia, Hong Kong government & many more. His early career was spent in various R&D roles at Rolls-Royce before he became chief engineer responsible for the company’s long-term military engine strategy.

Who should attend?

Relevant to those involved in Innovation including Marketing, Technical, R&D, Finance and Leadership functions, this workshop material is based on 4 million case study investigations and real world deployments.  So far this approach has delivered several billion Euros worth of top-line growth and hundreds of millions of Euros of bottom-line savings.


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