Smart Connected Devices Series continues with Dell EMC, 27th Sept

“IoT”, Michael Dell said, “allows companies to use the vast amounts of data they generate to design better products, improve operations and customer experience”.
(Michael Dell’s 7 Keys To The Future Of Dell Technologies And The IT Industry, May 2017)

The next stop in IRDG’s Smart Connected Devices / Internet of Things series is Dell EMC in Limerick.  The day will feature a range of presentations, exhibitions, networking and audience discussion, all designed to inform, stimulate and connect you. Subjects covered will be broad ranging across the IoT space, primarily structured around three key areas in IoT:
1. The Edge – Where sensors connect with the real world
2. The Core – Where analytics turns the data into information
3. The Cloud – Where the information is stored for making business or policy decisions

An optional 30 minute tour of Dell EMC facilities will also be available at the end of the day before a 5pm latest departure.

For booking and more information on the speakers, check out this link.

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