Research, Development & Innovation Funding – Webinar Series May 2020

Over the 4 weeks of May we will bring you up to date on a variety of RD&I funding schemes available to industry.

In a new series of short webinars for members, the IRDG team will help you understand what funding programmes are available, what might be most applicable to you, and share any relevant updates that apply to those incentives you may already be familiar with.

This new series of webinars will be available to book separately as the weeks go on, and will focus on the following:


RD&I Rapid Access Supports

6th May – 10am to 11am

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In-house RD&I Supports

13th May – 10am to 11am

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Collaborative Supports

20th May – 10am to 11am

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Accessing Skills

27th May – 9.30 – 10.30am

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WEBINAR 4 – Accessing Skills

Wednesday, 27th May, 9.30 – 10.30am
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Research and innovation is required to help companies respond and adapt to the unprecedented challenges posed by Covid 19. Amongst the supports available to assist companies are those to help build in-house research skills through access to highly skilled researchers. This webinar will provide an overview of these supports covering all levels of skill from graduate to postgraduate and highly skilled researchers. 

Previous Webinars in this Series

WEBINAR 1 – RD&I Rapid Access Supports

Wednesday, 6th May, 10 – 11am
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For many companies the immediate focus is on cash flow, not only to sustain current activities but also to prepare for opportunities that may arise over the coming months. Our present world means many members are being forced to rapidly respond to changing customer environments, accelerating product and service lines, and pivoting operations to meet current and future demands. Innovation and R&D has a key role to play here, and it makes sense to leverage available supports.

This first webinar is all about leveraging those schemes which have a near-term opportunity window and quick turnaround time.

Given the nature of the schemes which will be discussed, the content of this first webinar is considered to be most relevant to SMEs and indigenous large companies, but all interested members are welcome to participate as they wish.  The webinar will run for 45 – 60 minutes, depending upon Q&A. 

WEBINAR 2 – In-house RD&I Supports

Wednesday, 13th May, 10 – 11am
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At a time when business is charting its way through the current economic crisis, R&D and innovation will be a key strength to power growth in the post Covid-19 economy. The second webinar in our series will focus on the continuum of in-house incentives that span the R&D cycle from feasibility to execution to protection for commercial exploitation. This webinar will be relevant to all business sectors and company sizes.

WEBINAR 3 – Collaborative Supports

Wednesday, 20th May, 10 – 11am
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Multiple studies have demonstrated that those who engage in external collaborations when it comes to R&D perform better. There are several programmes available to help companies overcome skill gaps, risks and costs associated with in-house RD&I. They range from supports to work on specific projects to building strategic alliances and they provide opportunities to access expertise in the public research system.

This webinar will cover the different funding options available, and how to choose the right one. It will also navigate aspects of the collaboration agreement, including the management of intellectual property.

One-to-One Member Support

Following the webinar, the IRDG team will be available if you would like to have a more detailed one-to-one discussion.  Week in week out, our support to members involves such discussions and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your interests and progress your funding applications. 

Register for a Place

No charge applies to these members’ only webinars.  Please contact Mary Byrne for any help or information.

4. Accessing RD&I Skills – 27th May, 9.30am – register for a place

3. Collaborative RD&I Supports – 2oth May, 10am – registration closed

2. In-house RD&I Supports – 13th May, 10am – registration closed

1. RD&I Rapid Access Supports – 6th May, 10am – registration closed