R&D Tax Credit Webinar Series – April / May 2020

Complimentary members’ R&D Tax Credit webinars for finance, technical & other colleagues across industry who should understand this key support for companies engaged in Research, Development & Innovation.

To reflect the new way of working, we are restructuring our popular R&D Tax Credit clinics, and moving them online. Commencing on 23rd April, we will host three 45-minute webinars over 3 weeks, available exclusively to IRDG member companies.

We have divided the content on the basis of 3 distinct areas within R&D Tax Credits, and each one is available to be booked separately.

Webinar 1

Focus on the Financial Elements

23rd April – 10am to 10.45am

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Webinar 2

Scientific Criteria & Technical Focus

30th April – 10am to 10.45am

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Webinar 3

Focus on Governance & Audit Readiness
7th May – 10am to 10.45am

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The three events will be hosted by ourselves in IRDG, together with Deloitte. Each webinar will be a maximum of 1 hour in duration, with approximately 30 minutes of presentation, followed by your Q&A. As each theme is available to be booked separately, it will provide flexibility to book into the area(s) most of interest to you.

Details for dialling in to the webinar will be provided by email the day before the event. There will be a limit of 40 people per session and advance booking is essential.

R&D Tax Credits

Supporting an R&D Tax Credit should not be a retrospective exercise. Having access to complete, up-to-date and accurate information on the two key tests – the science test and the accounting test – is critical. The implementation of systems and procedures for the capturing of relevant supporting documentation further strengthens your claim.

These webinars are aimed at those responsible for managing and recording R&D activity for the purposes of claiming Tax Credits. They are suited to those in Finance and in the Technical functions – all parties to a tax credit claim. The goal is to help companies become more independent in the management of claims, and to be fully prepared so as to defend the claim in the event of audit.

  • Facilitated by Deloitte, highly experienced practitioners in R&D tax incentives
  • Specific and detailed best practice overview at each session
  • The most up to date Revenue Guidelines including the recent announcement with regards to R&D Tax Credit payments in the context of the Covid-19 crisis
  • Detailed discussion and Q&A
  • Aimed at both scientific/engineering people and those working in finance related roles, i.e. relevant to all those responsible for managing, recording and claiming the credits
  • An opportunity to understand the R&D Tax Credit Scheme in detail
  • Advice on managing documentation and dealing with audit situations
  • CPD hours will be available for attendees who would like to avail of same

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

IRDG is a member of the CPD Certification Service.

A CPD certificate of attendance will be available to attendees after the webinar for anyone who wishes to avail of same.

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No charge applies to these members’ only webinars.  Please enter the booking code issued by email invitation to reveal the tickets for booking, or get in touch with Mary Byrne for details.

1. Focus on the Financial Elements Webinar – 23rd April – 10am to 10.45am – register for a place

2. Scientific Criteria & Technical Focus Webinar – 30th April – 10am to 10.45am – register for a place

3. Focus on Governance & Audit Readiness Webinar – 7th May – 10am to 10.45am – register for a place