IRDG members gain inspiration into business and innovation at BD Research Centre Ireland

Cross-sectoral business leaders benefit from global best practice experience

IRDG, and 70 members visited BD Research Centre Ireland in Limerick last week, Wednesday 12th February. A global medical technology company, BD employs more than 1300 highly skilled people across sites in Drogheda, Dun Laoghaire, Enniscorthy and Limerick. In 2017, the company established Research Centre Ireland (RCI) Limerick as a global research & development hub in 2017, building on their long success in Ireland.

This new state-of-the-art facility adjacent to the University of Limerick campus now employs over 220 experts from 27 countries.  A vital part of the global BD organisation, the facility leads important research and development around innovative technologies to improve biomedical discovery, clinical diagnosis of disease and the delivery of care for patients and health care workers.   

In Limerick, BD has developed exceptional capabilities and practices which were of immense interest to the IRDG group of innovation leaders who attended last week.  Executives from indigenous and multinational companies, including Analog Devices, Kneat Solutions, Fexco, Bimeda Animal Health, Dell and Cook Medical took part in the visit and learned about innovation in a different environment to their own, whilst connecting with peers across diverse sectors.

The group took part in discussions on BD’s new product development process and management of pipelines, their culture of collaboration both internally and externally, in-house innovation and development activities, as well as customer interactions to support product development. Participants also enjoyed a tour of the superb facilities. 

Padraig Fitzgerald, RCI Site Director, welcomed the IRDG members, outlining how they were delighted to take the opportunity to share their experiences and learnings with other business leaders who were also striving for growth through innovation, whilst benefiting themselves from the quality networking and discussions on the day. 

Commenting on the visit to BD RCI, Limerick, IRDG Managing Director Denis Hayes said:

We are privileged that BD is welcoming us with 70 IRDG members here today and so grateful to them for sharing their expertise and knowledge with diverse sectors. Such visits are always a great opportunity for us to bring our business leaders together, show them different paths to develop their company and connect them with other leading companies who may have faced or are still tackling similar challenges. We hope that all visiting companies will be inspired by BD and find some new ideas to bring back to their company.”

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