Innovation Journey & Experience at Pramerica, 8th Sept

IRDG’s Innovation Practice Groups are exclusive to members and a popular way of learning about how other member companies practice research and innovation. Through sharing of experiences, across different sectors, attendees can get a feel for what works, doesn’t work, benefit from the lessons learned, and connect with other senior business and innovation leaders.

If you are interested in hearing more about what Pramerica and their strong emphasis on intrapreneurial thinking and innovation, this virtual site visit is for you. …

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DTIF 3rd Call for Applications

It has been announced that the 3rd Call for applications to the #DTIF will launch on 23 September 2020. Some changes re the application may be implemented, but the Call 2 documentation is available at this point for reference (see link below). Further details will be shared once available.  Please get in touch with any of the IRDG team if you would like help on this. 


Your business not a member?  Understand the potential benefits. No obligation conversation –

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R&D Tax Credit Webinars, kicking off the Autumn events

In late August / early September, there will be two opportunities to get the latest on the R&D Tax Credit scheme.  We will host two separate webinars exclusively for members, and they are available to book here below.  Note, each one must be booked separately and the content will be different on each. 

The two events will be hosted by ourselves, together with Ian Collins, EY Ireland Tax Partner and Head of R&D Tax Services and Dr. Ross Mc Kiernan,

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Updated Revenue Guidelines on R&D Tax Credits

#ResearchAndDevelopment #TaxCredits – The Revenue Commissioners have issued updated guidelines. One key change is the exclusion of rent as an allowable cost.

“Section 4.1: Rent is expenditure on a building or structure and is excluded from being expenditure on research and development by section 766(1)(a) TCA 1997”

Keep an eye out for IRDG’s upcoming R&D Tax Credit webinars with leading tax experts for continued updates.


Your business not a member?  Understand the potential benefits. Contact Mary Byrne – mary.byrne@irdg.ie

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