Open access to Teagasc Research

Source:  Irish Farmers Journal 12th January 2013 (by Helena Coughlan)

Teagasc have recently launched a new online repository of published research papers.  T-stór, an open access database, is available to all internet users for the reading and reusing of the electronically published material, providing the author is properly cited.

Previously, for access to published research, a paid subscription to the required scientific journal was needed.  Through the launch of T-stór, Teagasc hopes that the increased accessibility of research findings will increase the usage, impact and productivity to everyone, not just those in an academic environment.

Supporters for the project also believe that the T-stór respository will provide the best impact and value for money of publicly funded research.

The reduction of normal access barriers to research publications is also aimed at improving the peer-review process.  The lower cost of accessing previously published material allows for the increased use of Teagasc research for citation and review for other scholars in Ireland and abroad.

Teagasc is currently populating the database with research published in the last 12 months, and there are currently almost 300 papers available.  Over time, historical content will also be added.




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