The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Ocean Energy Prototype development fund is designed to accelerate and enhance support for the research, development, testing and deployment of wave and tidal energy devices.

The main focus of the programme is on stimulating the development and deployment of ocean energy devices and systems. As such, the emphasis is on industry-led projects for the following types of activities:

•    industry-led projects to develop and test wave and tidal energy capture devices and systems;
•    independent monitoring of projects/technologies;
•    industry-led R&D aimed at the integration of ocean energy into the electricity market and the national electricity grid (and network);
•    data monitoring, forecasting, communications and control of OE systems;
•    specific industry-led research projects which will be carried out by research centres.

ELIGIBILITY: The scheme is open to public, private and international entities resident in Ireland (including Irish subsidiaries of overseas companies) and carrying out projects in Ireland. In some circumstances, the programme may support Irish entities on work undertaken overseas, where this is necessary for the completion of the work.

In exceptional cases, funding of work overseas may be supported where there is a demonstrable contribution to resolving specific Irish issues. Applications will be accepted from individual organisations, or from organisations acting in collaboration with other organisations or with third level colleges/research institutes, either on a contractual basis or within consortia or joint ventures. Collaborative development programmes between manufacturers or service companies and research institutions or other centres of learning are actively encouraged.

FUNDING: The level of funding will be decided on a case by case basis. This programme is for device development and excludes project development. The maximum funding level for which a project is eligible depends on a number of factors:

•    category of R&D&I;
•    size of participating undertakings (company);
•    collaboration.