Obstacles to Innovation

The need for innovation in business today is a given.  But understanding the need and actually being able to innovate are two separate worlds.

Creativity has become the currency of success.  What has always worked will work no longer; new, creative solutions are in demand.

We’ve done a little digging and uncovered the Top 20 obstacles to innovation:

  1. Lack of a systematic innovation process
  2. Belief that innovation is inherently risky
  3. Lack of a shared vision, purpose and/or strategy
  4. Short-term thinking
  5. Internal process focus rather than external customer focus
  6. Inadequate understanding of customers
  7. Focus on successes of the past rather than the challenges of the future
  8. Unwillingness to acknowledge and learn from past “failures”
  9. Hierarchy – over-management and review of new ideas
  10. Micromanagement
  11. Addiction to left-brained, analytical thinking
  12. Absence of user-friendly idea management processes
  13. Lack of skillful brainstorm facilitation
  14. No creative thinking training
  15. Lengthy projects and the fear of wasted time and resources if product fails
  16. Internal walls – thinking all good ideas come from the C-suite
  17. Disconnect between company and it’s market
  18. Companies feel false confidence that they already know the market
  19. Market Research has been conducted but inadequately processed
  20. Lack of resources

What if there was a map?  A recipe for innovation, per se?  Something that you can learn from and apply to your work immediately.  Something which has a la carte tools and techniques for you to knit into your current innovation processes.  


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