Next R&D Tax Credit Clinic

The R&D Tax Credit scheme is a key funding mechanism available to companies who are undertaking Research, Development and Innovation.

Understanding the detail of the scheme is vital for companies.  Does the credit apply to the work that is being undertaken in your business?  Does your activity meet the qualifying criteria?  What is the qualifying criteria?  How are the Revenue guidelines applied?  How are claims audited?

It is also vitally important that all those people in your company who have a role to play when it comes to the R&D Tax Credit have a solid undertaking of the scheme and how it works.  Those across Finance, General Management and Technical roles need to understand the detail, and what is expected in terms of contemporaneous records so as to be able to stand over a claim in the event of an Audit.

IRDG’s R&D Tax Credit clinics are a unique offering to members, and are extremely popular.  From right across the sectors within the Network we bring together 40-50 people to learn about the scheme in detail, and to share experiences around the processes they apply, audits they may have experienced etc.

These clinics are complimentary for IRDG members, and companies can send along as many people as they wish.  They are held nationwide throughout the year, with a different mix of companies each time.

Further details on the next R&D Tax Credit Clinic (Kilkenny) is available on this linkThe facilitators on this occasion will be EY.  



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