New Call – Innovation Vouchers – €5,000

New Call for Standard Application: Opens Jan 21st 2013 to Feb 3rd 2013

Co-Funded Fast Track Application: Can be applied for any time

If you own or manage a small limited company with a company registration number and you have a business opportunity or problem that you want to explore, why not apply for an Innovation Voucher worth €5,000?

The objective of the Innovation Voucher initiative is to build links between Ireland’s public knowledge providers and small businesses and create a cultural shift in the small business community’s approach to innovation.

Enterprise Ireland is delighted to announce that the Innovation Voucher Initiative is now running in Northern Ireland also. By linking up with Invest Northern Ireland, Enterprise Ireland can now offer voucher holders access to an additional 10 Knowledge Providers in Northern Ireland.

Application Details:

Standard Application (call open Jan 21st to Feb 3rd): use this application when you wish to apply for a voucher to work with one of the registered knowledge providers. You do not need to identify the knowledge provider(s) in advance and the voucher will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Co-Funded Fast Track Application (any time): use this application when you wish to apply for a voucher to work with a specific knowledge provider. There must be a pre-existing agreement with the knowledge provider to undertake the voucher project. How does it work? The company and the knowledge provider jointly agree on the work programme for the project. The knowledge provider is required to confirm the project deliverables in section two of the application form. The application form may be submitted to Enterprise Ireland anytime by the company and a response may be expected within a week to ten days. The company and the knowledge provider may proceed with the project following confirmation of approval by Enterprise Ireland.

All the details about the intiative including information about the permitted uses of the Voucher and a range of Knowledge Providers are available on the Innovation Vouchers website.

More information:

Visit the Innovation Vouchers website or feel free to contact IRDG with any queries at info@irdg.ie


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