Members Question Time – R&D Expertise

An IRDG member company seeks expertise in the R&D area to help them for adhoc days over a period.

Note: All responses should be sent in confidence to Mary Byrne at IRDG. These will then be collated and forward to the member company involved. IRDG has no role in the selection process and it will be up to the company involved to follow up as they wish.


A contract analysis and services laboratory serving the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries is currently about to start experimental work on a large Research and Development project based around the materials used in the manufacture of Medical devices. This project will run from 18 months to 2 years and utilise complex technologies and methodologies to characterise different materials.

The services of a consultant to guide the company in the initial stages of this R&D project is requested.


We are seeking the experience of our industry colleagues to assist us with the protocols and format for the Design of Experiment, Project Management/Planning Aspects and R&D Processes that we could use as a template for this current and future R&D projects.

The company are strong technically on what is required for this research and development project but need support on the areas listed above.

It is anticipated that the company will require support for the first 3-6 months of the Research and Development project on a part time basis (estimate 5 days per month, on/off site)


  • Previous R&D experimental design for large R&D projects
  • Experience with Enterprise Ireland funded R&D project (large R & D fund)
  • Working knowledge of R&D systems and structures including project management and planning for large R&D projects

We would appreciate any help, advice or referrals that might assist us.


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