Medtronic – Innovation Practice Group

Members only – “…sharing experiences, best practice, tips and techniques in the areas of Research, Development and Innovation”

Avail of this unique opportunity to visit the Medtronic facilities in Galway and hear about their Innovation Practices.  A site tour of their R&D and Manufacturing facilities is also included.  The event will close with a Working Lunch and Open Discussion.

November 22nd 2012 – 10am to 2pm


* Innovation Practice Groups are open to employees of member companies and invited guests only.  There is a limit of 20 people for this event.  IRDG reserves the right to manage attendance to ensure as many member companies as possible have the opportunity to attend.


What is an Innovation Practice Group?

Innovation Practice Groups are hosted by member companies, who generously share their experiences of Research, Development and Innovation. The goal of these sessions is to inspire members to think about the practices, tips and techniques which might assist them in day-to-day life in their companies – what is it that could make a difference? how could they leverage these same ideas?

Why attend?

By participating in Innovation Practice Groups, members have a golden opportunity to learn from each other, experiencing R&D and Innovation in real-life in other member companies, and in many cases, in a completely different business sector. The sessions also provide time for networking, whereby members can get to know others with specialised expertise or knowledge; points of contact who may be of great assistance or reference at a future time. In addition, a site tour will form part of the agenda, where this is feasible to do so.

What gets covered?

Focused on learning, generating knowledge and building capability, the Innovation Practice Groups cover the main tenets of Innovation: collaboration, ideation, implementation and value creation. By nature of the membership network and the projects underway at any point in time, Research, Development and Innovation across a variety of topics and sectors is up for discussion (e.g. Product / Process development, Energy efficiency, Packaging innovation, Services innovation, Manufacturing processes, R&D practice, ICT, Funding & Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Market development etc.).

Further details are available from the IRDG team.



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