IRDG Business Offering – Lean Product Development

Such was the success of his visits to Ireland in 2013 and 2014 that IRDG has now secured the exclusive rights to roll-out Ron Mascitelli’s programme of Lean Product Development across the island of Ireland.

Lean Product Development (LPD) is all about applying the powerful waste-eliminating principles of Lean Thinking to achieve a more effective, efficient and speedier Product Design and Development Process (full details in the flyer below).

How can your Company participate?

  • Public Workshops  
  • Seminars In-house Workshops and Facilitation as part of overall Lean Programme
  • Webinars & Video Conferences with Ron Mascitelli  
  • Books
  • Practical Tools, Techniques & Templates
  • Future visits to Ireland/Irish companies by Ron Mascitelli
  • Special Interest Group for companies sharing learning and experiences

Funding Support

Funding support is available for qualifying companies from Enterprise Ireland’s Lean Business Offer under Lean Start, Lean-Plus and Lean Transform. IDA clients may also qualify for training support.

IRDG Lean Product Development Programme

Expert Facilitators

Biographies of those trained by Ron to implement Lean Product Development for IRDG are available on this link.

Further Information

To learn more about how IRDG can help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Product Development and Innovation process, regardless of your sector, please contact Mary Byrne – mary.byrne@irdg.ie / 087 6501215 for further information.


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