IRDG Lean Product Development Programme

Kick-off January 2020 with a programme that will enhance your new product development process and accelerate speed to market. Is it time for a change? Is there room to improve? IRDG’s Lean Product Development 4-day programme is designed for an Irish audience by our expert team, in collaboration with Ron Mascitelli (global LPD thought-leader). This unique programme takes all the benefits of lean, and applies them in a very relevant way to the changeable, dynamic nature of the innovation world.  It will introduce game changers to your new product development processes, whatever your sector.

• #1 Big Change: a front-end discovery framework to support the identification and selection of winning ideas for your business and customers.
• #2 Big Change: techniques to maximise your valuable R&D resources to successfully design, develop and deliver significantly greater customer value and financial returns.
• #3 Big Change:  guidance on key aspects such as governance and product development events to accelerate your new product development pipeline, delivering up to 30% faster time to market.
•  #4 Big Change: a team with a changing mindset, approach to issues and problems, habits and behaviours that over time will reinvigorate the culture within your business.

Further details and booking on http://www.irdg.ie/lean-product-development-programme-spring2020/

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